App Description

SwapAll is aimed at building a Layer 2 solution based on all AMM (automatic market maker) DEXs (decentralized exchanges) and features the fundamental algorithms and ideas that are exactly the same as those of the speedup solutions like state channels and lightning network. SwapAll is benchmarked against the OTC "dark pool" brokerage model of the traditional financial industry and helps those high-frequency small-value traders reduce transaction fees and achieve external settlements.
The system will support all public blockchain AMM swap platforms on the market with the fastest oracle algorithm called EIP1973, gradually migrate from a centralized offchain solution to Layer 2 lightning transactions in two steps, provide a one-stop full-chain swap model and have its own swap buffer pool.

🛠 Solving existing problems in the DeFi/Swap Market


1. Extremely fast off-chain transactions

As the fastest gas fee-free swap algorithm platform, the system will gradually migrate from a centralized off-chain solution to Layer 2 state channel transactions in two steps. The Ethereum oracle contract has been subjected to security audit by Solidified, an audit agency: https://github.com/ethereum/EIPs/blob/master/EIPS/eip-1973.md

2. Liquidity market-making upgrade program brought by the lightning puff algorithm

  • Dynamic weighting algorithm - The oracle program EIP1973 provides a price feed for the puff dynamic weight algorithm;
  • Liquidity leverage algorithm - Up to 20 times liquidity amplification can be achieved;
  • Liquidity dark pool algorithm - Similar to external dark pool trading in the financial market;
  • Allow the provision of liquidity of a single token;
  • Add the liquidity market-making lock-up period function

3. Easy to use, smooth product experience

SwapAll is the easiest-to-use DeFi platform and gives you smooth product operations, which allows newbie, senior and professional cryptocurrency investors to efficiently use the platform without difficulties.

4. One-stop investment function, direct access to financial giants on the blockchain

In conjunction with the advantages of IEO and swap liquidity mining in the blockchain industry SwapAll will create a new experience, achieve one-stop services by token airdropping via Pool 1, market making via Pool 2, voting via Pool 3 and integration of SwapAll transactions, and support multi-chain deposit and withdrawal.