Before you make deposit, you need to add SAP, USDT, SATO to your MetaMask wallet (ETH, BSC, HECO).
1.Click 【L2 Wallet】on the top and then 【Deposit】
2. Click 【Connect Wallet】and 【Next】 to connect your MetaMask wallet (ETH, BSC, HECO)
3. Click 【Connect】 on MetaMask
4. Click 【UNLOCK WALLET】. Then click【Sign】to make the signature
5. Choose the crypto and the amount you want to deposit, then click 【CONFIRM】
6. Choose gas fee and click 【Confirm】
7. Click 【Check On BSC Scan】to check transaction.
8. You can check the transaction on BscScan
Please Note: It will take some time to appear on the Layer 2 wallet.
9. Click 【HISTORY】to check history