Deposit LP Token (From outside exchanges)
Both SwapAll Layer 2 and App are supporting LP token that created from outside exchanges to be deposited.
HMDX (HECO chain) from Mdex depositing channel has been opened. More LP Tokens to be supported soon.
The following instruction takes depositing HMDX to SwapAll Layer 2 as an example.
1.Click 【L2 Wallet】on the top and then 【Deposit】
2. Click 【Connect Wallet】and 【Next】 to connect your MetaMask wallet (ETH, BSC, HECO)
3. Click 【Connect】 on MetaMask
4. Click 【UNLOCK WALLET】. Then click【Sign】to make the signature
5. Choose the crypto and the amount you want to deposit, then click 【CONFIRM】
6. Choose gas fee and click 【Confirm】
Please note, SwapAll will only accept SAP-USDT-LP's HMDX on HECO chain (HMDX is the LP token that was created through staking SAP and USDT at Mdex). SwapAll will not be responsible for any asset reverting due to the user's misoperation.
Last modified 10mo ago
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