After added the targeted token to your MetaMask, please connect your wallet to the SwapAll Layer 2.
  1. 1.
    Add Token to your MetaMask
2. Connect MetaMask wallet
  • This process of connection is only the first step of connection, which means only the wallet has been connected but the capital data has not been loaded.
First, click the "L2 Wallet" located at the left top corner of the page to enter into the Wallet & Asset page. Second, in the Wallet & Asset page, click green button which locates at the right top corner to connect your wallet via MetaMask.
! Please note, if there is no MetaMask window pops up automatically, click the MetaMask icon manually.
3. In MetaMask, click "Next", then "Connect"
4.If the String shows at the right top corner, means the wallet has been connected and registered with SwapAll Layer 2, this is the first step of your connection.
After registered, you need to check the right top corner to see whether you are connected with the SwapAll Layer 2 every time you use SwapAll Layer 2, if no, please repeat the above steps to reconnect.
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